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How do you actually select a rug? The choices are overwhelming, aren’t they? Colours, shapes, sizes, materials… and that’s before you’ve even considered your budget. Take heart, and read on! 
Your first step is to measure both the space, and the furnished area for your rug.  This is particularly important with the open-plan designs we have - what is the “zone” you want the rug for? 
Is it for under the dining table? Make sure you include the distance needed for the chairs to stay on the rug, even when pushed away from the table. As any parent knows, you’ll be back to the kitchen at least a dozen times during each meal, so don’t make it harder on yourself by snagging your chair leg on the edge of the rug.
The bedroom? measure from the front of the bedside table out past the foot of your bed, and give your feet some space to land when you get out of bed. Think at least 50cm on each side, and at the foot.
The lounge room? Measure enough to tuck the rug under the front of the seating (whether they are individual occasional chairs, or the whole lounge).
 photo by @the_collectedhome
What about the shape? Most of the available rugs are rectangular, and most spaces suit a rug of this shape, however, what if you have a round dining table? Of course you’d pick a round rug! Round options should also be considered for smaller spaces, for example, in an L-shaped living space. A round rug can really soften a room, particularly if everything is very linear and boxy. There are also some beautiful hide rugs, which come in the shape and size of the animal, and create a point of interest and styling all their own.
When considering colour, think about the room. If it’s small and dark, adding a dark rug will make it smaller and darker, whereas a larger, lighter space can carry a dark rug, because it makes it a little warmer and more intimate. Look at the colours you already have in the room. Is there a clear palette that you’re working with? Do you want to unify the space with some consistency of colour? Do you have heaps of pattern already in the space and need something to ground the aesthetic, or is the space a little bit too neutral, and needs some pizzazz?
If you're thinking a patterned rug, a larger space can be brought to life with a bold, over-scaled look, but this would dwarf a smaller room. 
There’s a temptation to go with the latest trend, but does it work for your space? Is your room formal, casual, boho, Hamptons, mid-century? Does the fibre suit the location? Is it for a high traffic area, or for a kid’s play room (both of which will need to be easy to clean)? Please don’t put a jute rug in a formal Victorian-style lounge room, or an antique Persian rug under your dining table with messy eaters! Also, buying the latest trend might be great for a year or two, but then you’ll be looking for a change. Look for a timeless option.
Now we come to the elephant in the room - budget. It’s easy to make a generalisation that you should buy better quality when you can, but you need to be sensible about it. It’s true that a better quality rug will last longer, wear better, and be thicker. If you know you’re planning on changing the rug in a couple of years, draining your bank account is probably not the best idea. If this rug will be with you for the long haul, then consider it an investment, and budget accordingly.
The perfect rug is out there - if you need help finding it, just yell!


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Melissa Betts 
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Photos source - The Home Place and @the_collectedhome


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