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Denmark is a country that is cloudy, cold or overcast most of the time. Despite this, Danes are often rated the happiest people in the world, and one of the attributes to their joy is the feeling of cosiness. They even have a word to encompass the emotion felt when you have a warm drink on a cold day, a candle-lit dinner and a sofa full of cushions: hygge.

Australians, on the other hand orient their lives towards summer, which is why winter blues set in around the same time as the cold weather, especially thanks to our fondness for cold surfaces and minimalist design.  

One easy way to inject hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) into your life is with the right rug. Here are some ways to warm up the home this winter:

The Shaggy Rug

There are few pleasures as exquisite as stepping barefoot on a plush rug. These rugs work beautifully on floorboards, linoleum and tiles. To recreate the Scandinavian look, try neutral colours like bone, beige and white. Grey can also be a welcome addition to contrast with a pale floor. 

The Traditional Rug

In some Slavic countries these rugs were hung on walls to decorate the space and insulate the inhabitants from sound and cold. In Australia, these rugs are ornamental. They go well in a carpeted room, making it feel instantly more intimate and are also great for infusing colour and pattern into a bland space. 

The Natural Rug

If your place already has a beachy feel to it, a shaggy rug might bring you back to the ‘70s and a traditional rug may not look cohesive. This is where natural rugs can add a splash of colour and a dose of warmth, without compromising your aesthetic. If you want to adhere to the Scandinavian look book then keep the palette natural. But there’s no reason not to experiment.

The Modern Rug

For a truly Nordic feel, consider putting down a rug with patters. Think geometrically: crisp, straight lines. Ideally in muted, neutral hues. These rugs should add texture into your home and compliment your pre-existing décor.

Now that the floor is sorted all you need to create Hygge is candlelight, a couch throw, scatter cushions, indoor plants and friends. With these touches the winter months will pass quickly. 


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