About us

My name is Pavla and I am the founder and driver behind the small, yet dynamic Australian team at “The Home Place”. I am also wife to a busy husband and mother of three wonderful, yet sometimes trying small children.

 Why did I decide to sell rugs? I am originally from the Czech Republic and I grew up in a house where carpets and rugs were in every room. It is a bit different in Australia and my feet always felt cold here. When I got my first apartment I filled it with soft rugs to keep my feet warm and make my home feel more comfortable. There’s no better feeling than when you are tired and can relax your feet on a warm soft rug. Now, I love playing with my children on the floor and a rug makes it much cosier for all of us. During the winter months, I know they won’t feel as cold and the rug will add extra warmth.

 My friends were always very curious how a girl from a very cold country could feel so cold here in Sydney. They always argued that I should be used to the cold.

The answer is simple. European homes/houses are built to keep the warmth inside – so we feel comfortable and during winter we have central heating, which does the work for us to keep us nice and cosy. This gave me the idea of bringing the best, most colourful and softest rugs to Australian homes.

 As a child, my parents took me to Turkey, where I saw the most colourful, vibrant rugs I’ve ever seen, sold in small shops and markets.

 These rugs reminded me of the ones from Aladdin’s fairy tale, so this is the reason why most of our rugs comes from Turkey. We’ve found an incredible supplier there, who can deliver us the highest quality rugs at amazing prices.

 I was also influenced when visiting Syria, the home country of my friends. We went for a trip to the heart of the desert to visit the spectacular Palmira city. On the way, we visited a small Bedouin village. My friends and I were invited inside one of the local homes for a tea. This house was the simplest I’ve ever seen in my life. There were rugs on the wall and floor and nothing else. For them, these rugs held great importance because they slept on them, they kept them warm by insulating the walls and also gave them shades with some covering the windows.

They were beautiful colours and the room filled with incredible rugs will forever be etched in my mind.

 I will bring you a variety of collections to choose from, which will suit any home, office or space.

 I will choose rugs that satisfy all of our customers around Australia, which has been my home now for 15 years.

 I know it’s not easy to choose a product from the internet, so I’ve decided to make it easier for you. I am taking rugs to mine and my beautiful friend’s houses to photograph them in real life situations. Hopefully this will give you the best picture of how this rug looks in real homes.

 We will also post photos from our customers on our social media, including Instagram and Facebook to show how our customer’s choice looks in their home or office.

 So please if you purchase from us, tag #thehomeplaceau or mention us @thehomeplaceau in your photo on social media or send us an email with your new rug in your home/office.

Our rugs are sourced from some of world’s leading rug producers including Turkey, Egypt and India. We can distribute daily within Australia .

 Our team is always focusing on purchasing products that are trending and what colours and styles are working well. We can also work within your budget to deliver you the best rug for your home at an affordable price.

 We are conscious of delivering a product that will last a lifetime.

 With this in mind if you can find a product of mine cheaper anywhere else within Australia, then we will match that price with a 10% discount – that is my promise to you as a customer of mine.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about who we are and what we do at this wonderful little Australian business. 


Pavla xx